Training keys for a well-behaved pitbull

Pitbulls are one of the most wonderful dog breeds out there. Considering the breed as a larger category for all the dogs that belong to the family of pitbulls, you find that they all share some of the key qualities that make them some of the most popular dogs in the world. They are strong, athletic, beautiful, and above all reliable companions. Choosing a pitbull as your pet can be one of the most sound choices regardless of your lifestyle. The important thing to consider, however, is making sure that your pitbull is trained from a young age. A well-behaved dog makes all the difference, and when we are talking about breeds with such poor public perception as is the case with pitbulls, it is even more important. Let’s go over a couple of training tips you should follow to make your pittie always be in its best behavior.

Teach your pitbull how to walk on a leash

Leash training is absolutely essential for any dog, but in the case of pitbulls, everything you can do to make them more well-behaved counts as an extra point towards a better public image. Dismantling the idea that the breed is undisciplined and dangerous starts with the basics, which is why investing in a good pit bull leash and collar is an important early step. Train your dog in a way it knows you are the one in control and instill respect to keep it disciplined.

Socialize your pitbull to keep it friendly

Your dog needs to be around other dogs, even if other people don’t feel too well at first about being near a pitbull. Socializing is key to avoid any unexpected or unwanted reactions from your pitbull when it is around other dogs. The trick is easy enough if you have neighbors or relatives with dogs that you can reach out to. Just put them close together from a very early age and they will get used to the idea of other dogs, their smell, and their behavior.

Make sure it is near people too

Of course, part of the campaign against pitbulls has to do not only for violence among them, but also towards people in accidents involving biting and more serious injuries. This all has to do with isolated cases and should not be taken as an umbrella indicator that all pitbulls are violent or aggressive. On the contrary, if a pitbull, or any dog for that matter, is kept near other dogs and other people, it won’t have any trouble or even think of reacting in any dangerous way towards anyone or any dog.

Reward your pittie for its good behavior

It is important to reinforce positive behavior, which is why using treats and food to reward your pitbull when it does well is a good idea. Make sure to always keep with you something they like, like their favorite treats or typically human food if it’s safe. If you have invested in the best dog food for pitbull as per the recommendation of your veterinary, keeping a handful of dog food pebbles in a bag with you can also work wonders as treats for your good boy or girl.

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