Ozium Car Air Fresheners Reviews


At one time or another, there may be that unpleasant odor in the car that just can’t be ignored. These odors may be smoke, cigarette and rotting things or any other odor. Car air fresheners come in handy to help take away the odor and allow you to enjoy refreshing scents. Ozium has been churning out high-quality car air fresheners that embrace the latest technology to dispel odors and smoke making the car interior smell so fresh.

List of Products

Marketing a broad range of products from gels, sprays and other forms, Ozium has made a mark in the air freshening and sanitation industry. The following are currently available on Amazon

  • Ozium Smoke and odors Eliminator Gel 4.5oz original scent
  • Ozium Air Sanitizer Original Scent- kills bacteria and cleans the air
  • Ozium air sanitizer air freshener- Reduces airborne bacteria and elimination of smoke or malodours
  • Ozium glycolized air freshener and sanitizer
  • Ozium 804282 Outdoor Essence 4.5oz scent gel
  • Ozium air freshener spray 3.5oz Vanilla
  • Ozium Smoke and odor eliminator for car and home sanitation and freshening of air


The use of specific products may have several advantages but generally speaking, the products do share several pros.

  • The air fresheners are available at an affordable price and thus won’t impact heavily on your pockets
  • The design is compact especially for the gel containers allowing you to stash them away under the car seat for instance
  • The scent persists for 24 hours by the time with any unpleasant odor would have faded away
  • The air freshener smell will disappear in 24 hours just in case you don’t really like the scent
  • The sprays can be used to aim directly at the offending object
  • They come in a variety of scents in which you choose from to suit your needs
  • The gels allow you to control the amount of perfume released thus minimizing wastage and having too much of it in an enclosed space.
  • Use of technology that eliminates the odor particles instead of masking


Despite being a range of fantastic products that transform your car into a paradise of scent, they have some drawbacks

  • The scent may be initially overwhelming, and hence you may have to stay out of the car for some moments
  • Long-term use may negatively impact on your health due to the chemicals used that may be toxic at high levels
  • The scents from Gels may be short-lived and hence necessitate replacing regularly
  • The concentration may linger in one spot unless the AC is turned o
  • The smell f their scent may not be pleasant to everyone as some people find it unpleasant


Ozium car air fresheners have gone a long way in ensuring people enjoy a pleasant environment in their vehicle irrespective of the source of the malodor. They use specialized technology where the particles are eliminated instead of being masked as other fresheners do.

There are those that kill airborne bacteria and therefore sanitize the air you breathe. Despite a few shortcomings, these products do meet the expectations.