Nautica Blue Cologne for Men – Cheap and Refreshing!

Nautica Blue
Nautica Blue
  • Great price, amazing smell, perfect for daily use at work or casual occasions
  • Suited for all ages, classic style
  • Available in packaging of 50 ml and 100 ml
  • Price range, around $20
  • Inspiring liberty and hope
  • Base notes: musk, sandalwood
  • Secondary notes: pineapple, jasmine
  • Overall a great smelling cologne for men

It has been included in the top mid-range perfumes and that is almost exclusively due to its very appreciated smell and behaviour throughout the day, given its reasonable pricing.

So, this makes perfume highly popular because of its value for money. User reviews rate it as having a long lasting smell and it was also reported that it can be a good idea for a gift since it seems to cover a wide range of tastes among men.

If you are looking to buy this perfume for yourself consider testing it directly on your skin and not on the paper testers provided in stores. The smell of any perfume suffers transformations when applied directly on our skin because of factors like PH. Best way to test a perfume is to apply it in the morning, just like you would normally wear it and observe how it behaves during the day.

It is said that if you cannot smell a perfume after a short while you have applied it on your skin (20 to 30 minutes), it is because it fits perfectly with your energy and, therefore, with your chemistry. Therefore, the next time this happens to you, consider appreciating that  specific perfume rather than considering it short lasting.

If however you are looking to buy this perfume as gift you stand a good chance of making a very good choice since it has a rather classical than vanguardist smell, which increases the chances of it being appreciated by its recipient. In other words, it is both a safe and classy choice at the same time.

Before spending large budgets on a fragrance consider testing and researching for products that bring the best smell vs. price ratio. After a certain threshold, only the price goes up while keeping the same level for a lot of products in what regards the quality of smell. Be sure to find a good compromise and be mindful about your finances.

Consider rotating perfumes either during the same period or after you’ve reached the end of your bottle for 2 reasons: firstly, you can appreciate them for longer because you do not get too used to the smell and secondly, each time you refresh your perfume you get that trigger of pleasure and confidence it initially gave you. Keep that lasting as well.

A perfume is a very personal product, mostly because its smell gets nuanced by our chemistry and it transforms itself into a unique blend, specific only to ourselves. Find your perfect complement and always stick to your classics!

Nautica is an American water inspired brand, with a history of 30 years in apparel, accessories, watches, fragrances, as well as home deco. Its products target men, women and children and it has a mid-range positioning in what regards prices.

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