How to Make Tortillas

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Valentines had been preserved for many years, and different types of grain instructions are used as part of Mexico’s long-term cooking. So far, flour cereals began in Sonora, Mexico, in the northern part of the nation. Water tortilla is well-known in the United States and Northern Mexico than in the southern part of Mexico. It is also appropriate for a large number of Tex-Mex dishes, for example, burritos, quesadillas, and stylish tacos. This tortilla form is simple and creates a flour and delicious tortillas that are always worthwhile. It makes 6 tablespoons of flour, but it does not need to increase if you need to cook more.


  • Glass 2 in the world
  • Tablespoons 1/2 washing powder
  • 1/2 tablespoons of canola or maize oil
  • Salt salt 1
  • 3 / some water tepid or run


Reduce powder on heating, flour, and salts on a large mixing plate. Put the oil in dry fixings, mix with your hands to join. Include water or water, work in the mixture to the point that you have the correct ball.

Tie a good cooking plate or handle well with flour, and ply mixture for less than 1 minutes. Mixtures should be solid and not sticky again.

Put in a bowl and cover with a clammy fabric. Make a mixture of relaxation for 15 minutes. Mix in 6 to 8 balls, and cover them with soggy equipment. Give him a chance to relax for 15-30 minutes this time.

Carefully store a good cooking board or handle it with dough, and turn around the ball round, about 1/4 inches thick. Roller (corresponding to short-term broomstick) works best for these, but the moving pin will work.

High skillet or high-speed pan for 5 minutes. Cooking tortillas for 30 seconds on either side or until the moment the player appears to be wrinkled with a couple of black-colored ads showing on two faces.

Serve hot tortillas on a plate or bar, with a salt salsa, or carry your meat decision.

Billy Bristol is an artist and food administrator in Texas, a site released by a conventional restaurant in Texas. With a simple formula and cooking ideas that build the best in Texas’s great cooking, Texas’s food produces her catering heritage.

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