How to Buy The Perfect Kayak For Your Fishing Crush

Fishing Kayak
Fishing Kayak

Kayaks have become today not on a tool for fishing, but many people have enjoyed them as a hobby. To make the moment even more fun, even people who set out simply for the fun of it might consider using a kayak to do some fishing. Kayak fishing has become a common hobby that we find special people in our lives fascinated with this activity.

You think of all the possible gifts you could buy them and a fishing kayak comes top of your list because you know them too well. This can be a very exciting moment, bu you have to be careful when choosing the right kayak to buy for them. In this post we will tell you what you have to consider as you choose the right kayak for your loved one.

1. Size of the kayak.

The size of the kayak you consider buying should be based on the location where he/she usually goes fishing. If the waters where they will be fishing contain several barriers for instance ponds and creeks, consider buying shorter kayaks that are usually less than 11 feet. Shorter kayaks will generally find it easier to maneuver of such barriers.

On the other hand, if they are fishing over open waters with no barriers for instance on lakes and rivers, then buy the longer kayak which will be 12 feet or more. These ones will be much faster given their length and open waters.

2. Have a look at the storage.

Depending on what they do with the kayak, if they are out there to fish, they will definitely carry such things as the fishing rod, and of course the bait to catch the fish. They will need a cooler to keep the fish for longer hours as they move. So this has to be put into consideration hence a big look at space. Buy a kayak that will be able to comfortably accommodate all these gears.

3. Weight of the fishing kayak

When looking at weight of the kayak, we also consider the water on which it will be used. For instance open waters because of their higher volume might not be compatible with light kayaks. Also consider the closest place you can get to the lake or river. If it’s far from the lake, then buy a light kayak so that it can easily be carried to the shores.

Another factor that determines weight is whether the kayak is a sit-on-top model or a sit-in kayak model. Sit-on-top models are heavier though they tend to give more space and hence comfort and more fun.

4. Propulsion systems

Kayaks normally come with three options of propulsion systems. Some come as paddle kayak and in this case the fisherman has to put in effort in paddling the kayak which can really be an energy draining exercise.

Another option is the pedal kayak which is less tiresome compared to the paddle kayak. Then we have the motorized kayak which does not require the fisherman to do any paddling but to simply concentrate on the fishing activity. This one is always the best alternative but is also a bit costly.

5. Look at the seats

Certainly you would want your boyfriend let alone girlfriend to be comfortable as they fish. Some kayaks tend to have more comfortable seats than others so choose one that will not wear out your girl or boy.

6. Electronics installation

This will depend on whether they usually do long or short fishing sessions. If they do several lakes, then this might be necessary to make the activity more fun but if they go short sessions, then it can as well be left out.

7. Judge the stability

When they like to fish while standing as it seems more fun, then you have to choose a stable kayak. Though it must not be again too stable because this will make his or her kayak not easy to maneuver and will require more effort to paddle. Big bodied people should also consider the more stable kayaks and also if the waters you are using have barriers like ponds.

Kayak fishing is not a new hobby especially now that many people have considered it. So finding out that your crush is a fan of kayak fishing is very likely. If it so happens, this will make it easier for you to choose the right kayak for them and make it very memorable. They will in the first place appreciate the gift and in the second place they will be amazed at how you could choose exactly what they needed.