Gifts that Will Make the Happiest Son and Dad this Festive Season

The festive season is here with us. It is that time again when you have to ponder the best gifts for your close family members and friends. If you are wondering what to buy your son and his father, I will give you things you should buy them if you want to sum up their year in style while still making it the most memorable.

A Basketball Hoop for the Son

basketball hoop
basketball hoop

A basketball hoop will give your son the fun and excitement that comes with basketball all round the year. The hoop is good as it will take care of both the kids’ outdoor and indoor play needs. This ensures that he can still have some hours of play indoors when the outside climatic conditions are not conducive.

The hoop comes with an adjustable height that helps to mean that one can adjust it to the desired height that will facilitate maximum exercise. Since the boy is growing taller and taller each day, this adjustable height is also good as he will keep adjusting it with his height hence one does not need to replace it as the boy grows. The hoop might also win your son some friends who will be attracted to him just to enjoy a few minutes of the game.

A Quality Grill for the Father


If there is anything men enjoy most in the kitchen is grilling food. If there is food to be grilled, it defiantly becomes the work of a man. A quality grill will, therefore, be the best gift for the father of the kid. Buying him the grill will not only make him enjoy preparing food but also make him enjoy his beef and fish without having to go out to places with his friends.

This will, in the long run, mean enjoying more quality time in with the family. A quality grill will convert that beef, fish or vegetables into a high flavored meal that will be enjoyed by the whole family. Nobody will be happier than the father to see his family happily enjoying the product of his skills. The fact that it was a gift to him will compel him to use it frequently.


It is always good not to let them know that you have plans of buying them gifts. If you must make consultations and look for advice before you make the purchases, do not let them know. A nice gift doesn’t need to be ridiculously expensive. It should only be well thought and carefully selected.