Best Durable Bench Grinders

If you are a heavy do-it-yourselfer, a bench grinder is the ultimate household grinding machine to add to your toolbox. Not sure what it does? This tool covers everything from sharpening cutting tools, such as chisels and polish workpieces, to rough grinding, such as shaping metal, that you couldn’t perform with the bare hands. However, not every bench grinder is designed to complete the same task. In this manner, you ideally wouldn’t use a grinding wheel on soft materials, such as aluminum, when you want to grind, for instance, steel. When you are looking for a broader alternative, vitreous-bond wheels are the typical option manufacturers choose for bench grinders, due to being efficient and durable.

Once you decide that a bench grinder is what your storage room is missing, you’ll have to deal with what the market provides. Doing so implies that you figure out what you want to use the bench grinder for. If you need it for sharpening, you should look for lower revolutions per minute (RPM), while if you consider a machine for buffering, it would require the opposite. Thus, it is mandatory to have in mind the purpose of the machine. To help you out with the research, we gathered some of the best bench grinders on the market that display different features that might suit your expectancies. We’ve shortlisted products that meet great customer reviews, high-end functions, and reasonable prices.

Top 3 bench grinders reviews

1. Dewalt DW758 Bench Grinder 

Maybe one of the most powerful models on display, the Dewalt bench grinder performs great action on harder materials. The large motor not only delivers powerful performance but also guarantees resistance due to being covered in a durable material. As keeping the engine cool is mandatory, the model provides overload protection along with rear exhaust ports, which prevent the machine from overheating. Accuracy-wise, Dewalt’s bench grinder comes with an aluminum tool rest to help you work from the right angle and with deep precision. On a less instructional note, another reason this model appeals to us is due to the competitive price and gratified customers.

2. Powertec BGSS801 Bench Grinder 

Although not suitable for heavy-duty grinding, the 8-inch machine provides a smooth and efficient action without being too noisy or vibrating uncontrollably. Moreover, structurally, the 1725 RPM is designed to prevent tools from overheating, and the same goes with the white aluminum oxide wheels, which produce considerably less heat than other models. Also, due to the heavy gauge steel base, the model provides stability, thus, ensuring accurate operation. On a different level, the 1-inch wide wheels cater to a smooth action suitable for softer materials.

3. Metabo DS 200 8-inch bench grinder 

Despite being the most expensive alternative on our list, this model will not be a disappointment quality-wise. With sturdy external and internal components, the Metabo heavyweight bench grinder provides a powerful motor and a grinder with 3570 RPM. Also, due to the dense weight and the aluminum protective coverage, this bench grinder is vibration-free. Also, the setup is facile, and the operating system consists of ON/OFF buttons, with the red one being more embossed in case of an emergency.

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